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Many thanks for your interest in Humm PHP. This is a PHP framework designed to be fast, server independent and friendly for developers and final users. You can use Humm PHP to setup a website in seconds (literally the seconds you can expend uploading the Humm PHP files into your web server). Humm PHP run out of the box and do not need any configuration nor installation process.

Humm PHP main features

Run out of the box
Works without any configuration nor installation process.
Server independent
Humm works in any webserver which run PHP 5.6 or later.
Multisites support
Use the same Humm PHP base code to run various sites.
Sites shared support
Reuse between sites views, helpers, scripts, styles, etc.
I18n and L10n support
Translate your sites using standard GetText and PO files.
PHP templates views
Site views as simple and powerfull PHP/HTML templates.
Database connections
Optionally connect and work with databases is supereasy.
Friendly URLs
User friendly URLs without requires any REWRITE MODE.
Support for plugins
Download or write your own plugins to enhance Humm PHP.
And many, many more...
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Enjoy Humm PHP!

In this website you can found the latest Humm PHP published releases. Also you can learn how Humm PHP works and how to use and enhance it for your websites. Use this website menu to navigate over the diferent sections. And finally feel free to contact with me with comments, error reports, support questions, etc. Just write me an email to: info@davidesperalta.com

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